About Us


My name is Desiree Konate, I'm from the Central Africa Republic. I'm the owner of Full of Wonders , I named my brand full of Wonders because I believe that each human being is created equally and equipped with amazing potential from God to influence their generation. I see wonders of God in everybody. I am dedicated to fight for all the kids that are less privileged and provide tools of hope to help them overcome circumstances that have put them on the edge so they can be able to manifest their potential. I created my brand for every woman, regardless of her shape, size, age, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation . I want every woman to feel beautiful and comfortable whenever they wear this collection. In business, many people measure profit by the size of their personal bank account or material assets. I see it in a totally different way; My success in this business will be measured by the number of lives I touch in Africa and the rest of the world. My profits will be sent to help kids not only in Africa but wherever it will make a change, I urge everyone to buy at least one outfit to help .